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WORDS @ WORK: Building Imaginations
   2023 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Trisha Rickey, Ella St. John, Vanessa Orlando, Brenda Galloway Conway, Rebecca Evans, Michael Gigandet, Jay Goldin, Taria Karillion, Leslie Muzingo, Brian T. Sluga, Steve Putnam, Richard Risemberg, Joseph J. Salerno, Marlene Fabian Stiles, Fred Thornburg, Richard Vetere

WORDS @ WORK: Building Imaginations - 2023 Writing Contest Anthology

Anthology 20: The Tradition Carries On
   2022 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Broderick Eaton, Terry Sanville, Jane Frankel, Margaret L. Bolte, Dora Esze, Danielle Babineau, Ronna L. Edelstein, Joseph J. Salerno, Taria Karillion, Virginia M. Amis, Steve Putnam, William E. Burleson, Angela M. Parisi, Brian T. Sluga

ANTHOLOGY 20: The Tradition Carries On

READ ME: Stories Wait Within
   2021 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Phillip Frey, Kathryn Henion, Javon Gilchrist, Sam Corradetti, A.T. Perry, Christina Reiss, Scott Pedersen, Ronna L. Edelstein, Joseph J. Salerno, Virginia M. Amis, Steve Putnam, John Baldwin, Phillip Lynne

READ ME: Stories Wait Within - 2021 Writing Contest Anthology

STORY HARVEST: Fresh-Picked Tales
   2020 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Alfredo Salavatore Arcilesi, Ronna L. Edelstein, William E. Burleson, Leslie Muzingo, R. L. Mullins, Jr,, John Baldwin, Steve Putnam, Scott Pedersen, Virginia Ewing, Virginia M. Amis, Chad V. Broughman, Thomas Maurstad, Sonia Mehta, Joseph J. Salerno

Story Harvest - 2020 Writing Contest Anthology

WHERE TALES GRIP: Your Imagination...Captured
   2019 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Jodean Nicolette, Willam E. Burleson, Phillip Frey, Nancy Canyon, Ronna L. Edelstein, Michelle Wotowiec, Theresa Jenner Garrido, Denise P. Kalm, Bear Kosik, Leslie Muzingo, Anna-Claire McGrath, Bill Frank Robinson, Joseph J. Salerno, Lynn C. Miller, Steve Putnum, Virginia M. Amis

Where Tales Grip - 2019 Writing Contest Anthology

BEYOND THE NORM: Feed Your Imagination
   2018 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Mike Tuohy, Andrew K. Clark, Catharine Leggett, John Francis Istel, Leslie Muzingo, Carol Cooley, Steve Putnam, Patricia L. Baker, Katelyn Andell, Colin Brezicki, Michelle Wotowiec, Ronna L. Edelstein, Virginia M. Amis

Beyond the Norm: Feed Your Imagination - 2019 anthology

TAKE A MIND TRIP: Book a Fantasy
   2017 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Catharine Leggett, Ronna L. Edelstein, Bill Mesce, Jr, Rebecca Evans, Dorothy Robey, Jennifer Companik, Lucy Marcus, Israela Margalit, Stephen Matlock, Carl Wooton, Mike Tuohy, Ruth Moors D'Eredita

Take a Mind Trip - 2017 Writing Contest Anthology

LOSE YOURSELF: Get Lost in the Words
   2016 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: K.B. Carle, Dorothy M. Place, Colin Brezicki, Lisa Ann Battalia, Ronna L. Edelstein, Hugh Dudley, Sarah Evans, Joe Dornich, Catharine Leggett, Celeste Woody, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Mike Tuohy, Michelle Wotowiec

Lose Yourself - 2016 Writing Contest Anthology

   2015 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Ronna L. Edelstein, Jeff Spitzer, Dorene O'Brien, Phillip Frey, William D. County, Michelle Wotowiec, Jennifer A. Powers, S. Baer Lederman, Catharine Leggett, Joe Dornich, Robin Hostetter, JoAllen Bradham, Tom Stock-Hendel, Mary Smith, Mike Tuohy

SLOW THE PACE - 2015 Writing Contest Anthology

   2014 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Kathy Bjornestad, Joseph Horst, Chelle Wotowiec, Jeff Spitzer, Brenda Watterson, Joyce Munro, John Bauer, Ronna L. Edelstein, Simone Hanson, Paul Andrews, Marlene Olin, Herb Wakeford, Dana C. Smith

Escape Your World - 2014 Writing Contest Anthology

   2013 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Chelle Wotowiec, Drew Hardman, Mike Tuohy, Vincent Guiliano, Catharine Leggett, TJ Perkins, Ronna L. Edelstein, Kristen Swenson, Amelia Perry, I O Kirkwood, Susan Zimmerman

The Reading Place - 2013 Writing Contest Anthology

   2012 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Ronna L. Edelstein, Carrie Rogers, Alex G. Friedman, Michelle Wotowiec, Karen Dorsey, David Empey, Kathleen Ratcliffe, Rachel Worrell, Mary Smith

Take the Path - 2012 Writing Contest Anthology

   2011 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Dan Sullivan, Ronna L. Edelstein, Michelle Wotowiec, Joseph L. Rose, Donald Macnow, Simone Hanson, Kathleen Ratcliffe, JE Moore, Mary Smith, Vanessa Orlando

When We Are - 2011 Writing Contest Anthology

   2010 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Justin Carlton, Michelle Wotowiec, Ronna L. Edelstein, Regina Parker, Simone Hanson, Kathleen Ratcliffe, Pat Decker Nipper, Mary Smith, Sheila White, Denise C. Hengeli, Steve Breitzka, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Kenneth Corn

Visiting Elsewhere - 2010 Writing Contest Anthology

   2009 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: John Robbins, Ronna L. Edelstein, Frederic H. Decker, Dan Sullivan, Kathleen Ratcliffe, George Thomas, Terry Dickinson, Diana Thurbon, Michelle Wotowiec, Denise C. Hengeli,  Tonya MItchell, Kathryn Jordan, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Brian James, Andrew Lu

Welcome to Elsewhere - 2009 Writing Contest Anthology

   2008 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Tricia Spenser, Kandice Powell, Ronna L. Edelstein, Devin Murphy, Terry Dickinson, Bill Westhead,  Atossa Shafaie, Rebecca Evans, Bernard Hofler, Dan Sullivan, Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, Vickie Clasby, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Kaye Sebastian, Chandra Prater, Hannah Greer, Mimi Sharpe, LeeAnn Dickson, Pauline A. Salvucci

The Road to Elsewhere - 2008 Writing Contest Anthology

   2007 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Bill Westhead, Charles Kramer, Joni Bour, Atossa Shafaie, Ruth Wire, Dan Sullivan, Philip Loyd, Vickie Clasby, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Robyn Wicks, DS Winkle, Kathleen E. Fitzpatrick, F. Kavanagh

Destination Elsewhere - 2007 Writing Contest Anthology

   2006 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Kimberly Gemme, Dan Sullivan, Gillian Hamer, Ranae Cherry, Bobby Ozuna, Tova Jarvis, Kathryn Mattingly, Rebecca Barton, Bill Westhead, Vanessa Orlando, Chrissy K. McVay, Mike Tuohy, Patricia Dainty, Donna Bryant

Mind Trips Unlimited - 20006 Writing Contest Anthology

   2005 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Claire Grasse, Mia Lazarewicz, John M. Bourne, Kristen Tsetsi, Ryan Bennett, Tricia Spencer, Bill Westhead,  Julia Halprin Jackson, Lou Dischler, Catharine Lev, Karin B. Schlenkler, Qing Yang

They Do Exist! - 2017 Writing Contest Anthology

   2004 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Jean B. Speights (poetry), Francis W. Porretto, Lenny Willoughby, JE (John) Moore, Karin Konoval, Alicia Davis, Edith Thornton, Ritch Brinkley, Tish Davidson, Gail Cauble Gurley, Elizabeth Benton Appell, Carolyn Ann Aish, Phillip Lynne

Live to Imagine - 2017 Writing Contest Anthology

   2003 Writing Contest Anthology

Stories by: Robert Paul Blumenstein, Frank Reynolds, Tessa Jones, Bettye D. Grogan, Paul Perry, Elaine Elizabeth Papp,  Jennifer Antonacci, Vincent Guiliano, Liz Morrison, Husein Taherbhai, Gail Cauble Gurley,  Craig Rondinone, Christopher T. Bowne, Jessica Hench, Janice Lynn Mather, Miller Chandler, Ann G. Thomas, Charity Tahmaseb, Charles L. McDermott, Elizabeth Benton Appell

Storied Crossings - 2003 Writing Contest Anthology


Lessons from the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appell

A novel by Elizabeth Appell

Lolly Candolin can deal with having no friends and a drug-addicted mother, but her alcoholic lawyer father is intolerable. At her ultimatum to quit the bottle, he hurls her pet cat off a levee into a forbidden gypsy camp. Secretly searching for Bo, Lolly discovers not only new friends, but murder and a terrible choice: Should she save an innocent gypsy man's life, or keep quiet and finally win her father's love?

Non-Fiction/Special Interest

THE COMMON SENSE LIFE: Tales From a Long Ago Forest
   by Donald R. Repsher    
The Lenape were held in high regard by many other Indian nations. They were referred to as “grandfathers,” a term of respect implying not only their ancient status but their wisdom and spirituality. The word Lenape means “people.” The name is symbolic of the kind of people they were, continually welcoming and assimilating newcomers and thereby creating through thousands of years the original “melting-pot” of civilization on the North American continent.
$9.99 paperback   /   $2.99 Kindle edition

The Common Sense Life: Tales From a Long Ago Forest by Donald R. Repsher

   by Donald R. Repsher
REPSHER. The American English spelling has hidden the German origins of this name. Therefore, to begin with, let’s return to the correct spelling: REBSCHER.
It’s a name that describes the occupation of our ancestors who were first given this name. Rebe: the German word for vine or grape. Schere: the German word for shears or scissors (scheren: to shear or cut).  
$19.99 - paperback   /   $2.99 - Kindle edition

Repsher Origins by Donald R. Repsher

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