Visiting Elsewhere - Scribes Valley 2010 Contest Winners

Visiting Elsewhere

2010 Short Story Writing Contest Winning Stories

   It is amazing how powerful written words are. They can stimulate the imagination, fire the emotions, and transport the reader instantly to countless places, such as Elsewhere. Now that you have arrived in Elsewhere, please feel free to explore, investigate, and tour anything and everywhere. There is no time limit for your visit, no agenda or schedule, nothing required that you do, and no place or time you have to be. Allow the stories in this anthology to fill your mind. Allow your imagination to grow and expand. Allow the stories to carry you away to places unknown and unchartered. Allow them to enrich your knowledge of ELSEWHERE!

ISBN: 978-0-9742652-3-0
142 Pages
Warning: Some Adult Language/Subject Matter

Paperback edition: $10.99 + shipping
Kindle edition: $2.99

Meet the winning authors:

Justin Carlton, author of The Traffic Light

***  FIRST PLACE  ***
   Logically, writing my author's bio should be easier than writing the actual story, but sadly this is not the case. I find myself torn between writing about my less-than-illustrious career as a writer (if melodramatic fiction from the pen of a 21-year-old English student can count as such) and my passion for writing and performing music. In a nutshell, I've been writing fiction since I was old enough to string words together, and writing/performing music since I could strum a guitar. I like to spend my time reading all genres of literature, cartooning, playing soccer, and rooting for my Phillies. Most importantly, I'm a Christian whose faith in God is not some type of superficial means of assuring myself of eternal destiny, but based on an intimate relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank my parents and close friends who have encouraged and supported me in my artistic endeavors, and I hope to build upon this, my first published work, and continue to make them proud in the future.
   It is an honor that someone, anyone out there, is reading this now.

Justin Carlton
Michelle Wotowiec, author of Chicken Head

***  SECOND PLACE  ***
   I am a current English Creative Writing graduate student at Cleveland State University. I have put together a collection of stories titled We are the Skyscrapers which I am avidly seeking publication. "Chicken Head" is included in the collection.
   I have been given honorable mention twice from Glimmer Train and my short story collection was a finalist in Grace Notes Publishing's 2010 competition. My undergraduate writing portfolio at Kent State University received 2nd place in the Donna Zurava Memorial Prize competition. Michelle's story "Chicken Head" has been awarded 53rd place in the Memoirs/Personal Essay category of the 79th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition
   I am an avid believer in writing from your gut and loving what you write.
   I'd like to thank my friends and family for all of their support in my writing endeavors.
   I am honored to be published by Scribes Valley two years in a row. 

Michelle Wotowiec
Ronna L. Edelstein, author of Push N Shove

   As a part-time faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh's English Department, I work as a consultant at the school's Writing Center. I also teach Freshman Programs, a course that introduces students to the University and the city. My work, both fiction and nonfiction, has appeared in Quality Women's Fiction; Ghoti Online Literary Magazine; First Line Anthology; The Road to Elsewhere (Scribes Valley Publishing); Welcome to Elsewhere (Scribes Valley Publishing); SLAB: Sound and Literary Artbook; Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine (online magazine); AARP Bulletin (online); Healthy Roots (Forbes Health Foundation and Hospice); and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Ronna L. Edelstein
Regina Parker, author of Discovery Flight

   Regina is an eleventh grade student at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Writing has been her passion since she was seven years old and exchanging letters with the Tooth Fairy. In 2005, she published her children's book "Let Freedom Ring" through the charity Kids DOnate, Inc. More recently, Regina earned three Gold Key awards in the National Alliance for Young Writers competition, and first prize in essay contests sponsored by the National Center for Science Education, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and the American Legion of NC. In 2009, Regina co-authored a scientific research paper during an internship in WIL Research Laboratories.
   When she's not writing, Regina stays busy playing Varsity tennis, running, tracking politics, and leading an active Red Cross club at her boarding school. A certified single-engine private pilot, Regina adores flying...except when there are thunderstorms in the vicinity.

Regina Parker
Simone Hanson, author of He Does the Best He Can

   Simone Hanson lives just outside Atlanta with her husband, three boys and two dogs. She is a former school administrator and lawyer but left the working world to stay home with her children because she is not the supermom she thought she was going to be. Now that her children have become fascinated with things other than her, she has turned to writing. A novel, which includes the characters in this short story, is currently being reconstructed. Originally from Maine, her writing is set there as it is the place she knows best. Besides writing, her hobbies include pottery, tennis and dog-walking.

Simone Hanson
Kathleen Ratcliffe, author of Windows on Mill Street

   Kathleen was married on 10/10/10.
   Kathleen Ratcliffe is a registered nurse whose career is divided between working clinically in a cardiac catherization laboratory and providing education to medical professionals all over the United States. Employed by a small company in Pennsylvania, her job involves composing educational material and instruction of the clinical aspects of invasive cardiology.
   During the past fifteen years she became a single parent, studied to become a registered nurse and raised two children with the help of her wonderful mother. She then pursued a bachelor's degree while working to support her family. After years of writing papers and presentations related to nursing, she has been afforded the time to go back to writing fiction. Several stories are complete and others are in progress.
   As sports editor for her high school paper, she attended a journalism seminar for high school editors at the Catholic University in Washington D.C. It was there where her fervor for writing expanded.
   The proud mother of two children, her son is a PhD candidate in anthropology at Temple University. Her daughter is a student at Montgomery County Community College.
   Besides writing, Kathleen's interests include running, cycling and yoga. Her fiancĂ© who is also a registered nurse introduced her to the world of triathlon several years ago. Helping her conquer her fear of open water swimming, he made her realize that anything is possible if you try.
   Besides writing, Kathleen's interests include running, cycling and yoga. Her fiancĂ© who is also a registered nurse introduced her to the world of triathlon several years ago. Helping her conquer her fear of open water swimming, he made her realize that anything is possible if you try.

Kathleen Ratcliffe
Pat Decker Nipper, author of The Commitment

   Pat Decker Nipper is a native of Idaho, now living and writing in San Jose, California. She has written several short stories, including "The Idaho Gold Dust Murders," published in James Crutchfield's anthology The Way West: True Stories of the American Frontier, and "Who Really Killed President Lincoln?" appearing in the collection of short stories: Black Hats, by Robert Randisi. Her book Love on the Lewis and Clark Trail was published in 2004. She has had a number of articles printed, including three in Wild West magazine, and one in True West magazine. She has written a brief grammar column, "Nipper's Nits," which can be read on her web site,

Pat Decker Nipper
Mary Smith, author of The Wall Shadow

   I am an apartment complex manager for the elderly and disabled or handicapped. I have been doing this for the last five years and had put my writing to the side for a very long time. Now I am a single (close to elderly) individual myself, and suddenly can spend time pursuing the craft anew. I hope that someone reads and gets some enjoyment out of my work as I write what strikes me at the moment. Be patient since I feel as though I am starting over in high school again.

Mary Smith


Shelia White, author of Muscadine Wine

   I'm at a ripened age of 50 and to me life is now like fine wine. I have been pressed through the years with stresses, sorrows, laughter and love. The good outweigh the bad and the memories are like the smooth, delicate flavor of muscadine wine lingering on my lips. Every day is a wonderful gift from God.
   I share a tiny, cozy home in Ringgold, Georgia with my husband Hollis, chihuahua Hoover and cat Tootie. From a previous marriage, I have three precious children, Zack, Laura and Jake and two adorable grandkids, Devin and James. I work full time as inventory management at Southeastern Salvage in Chattanooga, TN. I love meeting people and discovering their personalities beginning with a simple smile. My first book, Sewn - a pioneer family saga, I self published online with Lulu Publishing. I have several stories and books in progress. I love bike riding and flea markets and spending time with family. I cherish the Autumn season. It's like love's arms are wrapped around me while watching the warm sun dip behind the mountains. It looks and feels like a glorious burst of heaven. 

Shelia White


Denise Hengeli, author of The Ring

   A graduate of Florida Atlantic University at age sixty-four, Denise is honored by being selected as a finalist in Scribes Valley's 2009 and 2010 contests. She creates short-stories, children's stories and poetry, and has been published in The Lutheran Digest. A busy grandmother of six, she recently relocated to Atlanta, where she enjoys Southern hospitality. Denise has enjoyed writing fiction for the past twenty years and 'lives to imagine' her work published.

Denise Hengeli


Steve Breitzka author of Announcement

   Steve Breitzka fell into a tree pit when he was five-years old. Now he is an experimental gardener with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University who just happens to love writing short stories. He is also a scratch golfer with affection for good food and fine whiskey.
   Steve owes this honor and any future writing success to his amazing wife (who is supportive despite her dislike of the short-story genre), his two sons (who may well be superheroes), his family (who is always there), his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Tomashek (who gave him a green folder, in which Steve defined "short story" as an eight-page, heroic journey to the center of the earth), and Opa (who pulled him out of the tree pit).

Steve Breitzka
Jean Tschohl Quinn, author of BACHAN SEKEI, THE NAKED LADIES AND ME

  This story will be her fourth appearance in a Scribes Valley anthology. One of her stories also appears in Under the Rose by Norilana Press. She has helped to edit a local anthology. As their three daughters fly from their nest amongst the redwoods and fruit trees along the Central Coast of California, she and her husband have unwittingly begun a collection of certified preowned antique dogs. She really needs to get a job, although she cannot imagine going back to mathematics. Ya Baha'ul'Abha!

Jean Tschohl Quinn
Kenneth Corn, A Change of Heart

  Kenneth Corn is a photojournalist for a local NBC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina. After fourteen years of witnessing many news events through the lens of his camera, Kenneth started writing short stories based on his experiences. He has contributed several articles to his television station's website giving readers a behind the scenes look at how reporters and photographers cover the news. Other writing credits include publishing an article in News Photographer magazine about being an embedded photojournalist during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Kenneth Corn

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