Since 2003, Scribes Valley Publishing has discovered many new writers and re-discovered many established writers through our annual short story writing contest. We enjoy presenting their hard work to the world through our short story anthologies that carry readers away to the much sought-after land of Elsewhere. Along the way, we've also produced a few specialty books and a critically acclaimed novel. All these are just a part of the fantastic journey that reminds us every day to "Live to Imagine!" For information on our writing contest, please click here.

Scribes Valley is pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 Writing Contest:

Phillip Frey - The Hero of Lost Causes
William D. County - Apprentice and Moth
Jennifer A. Powers - Saturday Nights in Winter
S. Baer Lederman - The Monster Inside Me
Dorene O’Brien - Interior Designs
Ronna L. Edelstein - Forever and Always
Catharine Leggett - Continuum
Joe Dornich - The Reluctant Son of a Fake Hero
Robin Hostetter - Emer Rald’s Jewel
JoAllen Bradham - Colorcide
Mary Smith - The Ashes
Tom Stock-Hendel - Camarillo
Mike Tuohy - Stamping His Get
Michelle Wotowiec - Waves
Jeff Sptizer - Survival

Lessons From the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appell
Lessons From the Gypsy Camp A Girl, A Gypsy, A Murder, A Choice

This is the novel by Elizabeth Appell you've heard about. The novel that has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The novel whose screen adaptation won 1st Place in the Nevada State Film Commission's Screenwriters Competition! The novel that recently received Honorable Mention at the Paris, France Book Festival!
Fearless Heart by Gail Cauble Gurley FEARLESS HEART by Gail Cauble Gurley

Stranded in New York City after the stock market crash of 1929, Robert Blair must walk to the docks daily seeking work in order to feed Ellen, his wife, and their four-year-old son Stephen; plus pay the $8.00 monthly apartment rent in the slum where they live.

Shortly after a simple but very joyous Christmas, the dock work shuts down. Robert, shaken by this threat to the foundation of his very being, becomes desperate to find work. When approached by a stranger in a black limousine who begins to direct and influence his family's lives, Robert faces a torrent of shocking new choices. Will they be opportunities or burdens? Will he be able to marry his life to this new direction, or will he turn down a life so different from any he has ever experienced?

Will faith and courage be enough to help the Blair family survive?
bestselling and record-holding author from New Zealand.

Lessons From the Gypsy Camp

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LESSONS FROM THE GYPSY CAMP a novel by Elizabeth Appell
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